Special parties & sophisticated interior with a fine touch

The opening of LOCK was a dream come true. I’ve been to many places around the world and visited similar clubs. Their atmosphere, intimacy and the fact that I had a different kind of entertaining experience with a different quality group of people definitely captivated us. I believe that Budapest isn’t an exclusion of having people with enthusiasm towards spending their night-outs in an exclusive ambience with high-quality entertainment. The LOCK audience represents a premium-quality audience in Budapest. I would like to warmly welcome our guests!

Kristina Usikova
Owner of LOCK

Exlusive club at Buda

It’s a mysterious place. You can barely see it from the street. There aren’t any neon lights or flashing windows. The ones that will come in, will know they are entering Budapest’s exclusive club, the LOCK, which guarantees an exclusive and intimate atmosphere. The LOCK Club is unique in Budapest. One of the most important aspects of the design was to create an exciting space for culinary, musical, cultural and other events. It can serve as a stylish choice for business or other private meetings. Fridays and Saturdays it’s the capital’s best party venue with three bars to serve everyone’s needs. Bookings for our separated upstairs rooms are available, by appointments discussed with VIP managers in advance.
Our shuttle service can be used with the help of our VIP managers. If the claim is indicated in advance and the car is available at the given time, then during the night our special guests will be driven by a driver of Maserati for free.