LOCK Premium Benefits

Enjoy our VIP section upstairs! Check our premium privilages and experience the high quality services we are offering you.

The numbers of the guestes in the VIP area are limited, which guarantees that LOCK always gives you a unique, premium and exclusive experience.

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A few words about LOCK Premium

  • For each occasion a LOCK Premium guest can bring one guest with them. Further guests can enter the club upon paying an extra fee.
  • LOCK Premium guest can book the club as a venue for any private event, party or dinner.
  • LOCK Premium guest can reserve the VIP area. This requires prior discussion with our VIP managers as reservations work on a first come first serve basis.
  • Being a LOCK Premium guest at the club offers entrance to numerous clubs internationally. The list of clubs is constantly extending, click here for more details.
  • Free Maserati shuttle service. For bookings, please contact our VIP managers as soon as possible.

LOCK Premium Services

LOCK Premium (above 30 years)

  • Annual fee – 300.000 Ft

LOCK Premium Junior (under 30 years)

  • Annual fee – 150.000 Ft