Table reservation

LOCK The Club – Tölgyfa u. 1-3. 1027 Budapest, Hungary

Please enter your name so we can reserve the table!
Please enter a real email address, as this is where we will send the advance fee request.
We only call in important cases!
For a date, the starting time of the party is important.

Booking information

  • Table reservations are subject to mandatory consumption.

  • To finalize a table reservation, an advance payment is required, which will later be credited from the mandatory consumption fee.

  • If you arrive after 0:30 during the night, please let us know so that we can keep the table!

  • The table reservation entitles you to skip the queue and includes the entrance ticket.

  • For reservations of more than 15 people, please contact us by phone or email!

* The stated conditions apply only to our own organized events. At externally organized events (e.g. Chakra Boogie, Lock Meets Club Prestige), the organizer reserves the right to define unique conditions.

Table reservation process

  1. Fill out the form shown here.
  2. Our colleague will find the best place for you and contact you using your contact information.
  3. Advance payment. Our colleague will send you the payment link, in which we prefer online bank card payment. Simple payment through the SimplePay system.
  4. We will finalize your reservation upon receipt of the deposit, we look forward to seeing you at our event! Please reserve your table by 0:30!
  5. The rest of the mandatory consumption related to the table reservation (and any additional consumption) will be invoiced on site.